5 Essentials for Beefing up Security at Home


It may be an old-fashioned concept but many people still like to think of their home as their castle: a place to where they can retreat from the outside world and be safe. If you want to make sure that your home really is a safe haven in which you can relax and enjoy yourself at the end of the working day, and that it is protected against local criminals when you are not there, you need to take adequate measures to secure it. Below, we look at 5 essential security measures every homeowner can take.

Secure Your Home: 5 Measures You Can Take

Follow the suggestions below and your home will be more secure than ever before, making it an unappealing prospect for potential intruders in the area.

1. Strengthen Your Front Door – The majority of burglaries are effected by breaking down weak front doors so you need to address this point before any others. In addition to modifying the door frame and replacing the strike plate with a stronger one, you can invest in a steel mesh screen door that is installed in front of the existing exterior door. Rockingham Glass make security screens in Perth and there are similar companies in other cities across the country that can supply quality screen doors to provide your home with an added layer of protection.

2. Install an Alarm System – Whether you own a small townhouse in the city centre or a sprawling detached residence in the suburbs, it is well worth investing in a good quality home alarm system so that any intruders who do try to effect an entry get an unwelcome surprise. Alarms systems that are monitored by a security company or the local police are the best choice as they ensure that steps are taken to catch intruders in the act, should they succeed in gaining entry to your property.

3. Exterior Lights with Motion Sensors – Outdoor fixtures that literally shine the spotlight on potential intruders are a simple yet highly effective deterrent to both casual and career criminals. The latest sensors can react to temperature changes and sounds as well as motion, ensuring that all attempts at forced entry are detected.

4. Automatic Lights Inside Your Home – Another very simple security measure that is still very effective is the installation of timers that turn interior lights on and off when you are not at home. As long as they are programmed to follow a random pattern, they should deter potential intruders from trying to enter your home when you are not there.

5. Upgrading Your Locks – Replacing existing locks with modern digital ones will ensure that lock pickers are out of luck should they target your home.

There are many other home security measures you can take to protect your home from local criminals, such as installing a CCTV system or buying a guard dog, but if you start with the 5 suggestions listed above, your home will already be more secure than most other properties.

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