A List of the Most Important Furniture Every Living Area should have

FurnitureWhen it comes to living areas (and making them as comfortable as possible), a lot of issues need to be discussed. The living area is, after all, the area where family and friends gather most often, where serious issues are discussed, where people gather to have a great time, and where memories are created.

Countless considerations need to be made, and among the most important ones is the kind of furniture that should be installed. It’s not an easy thing to decide; there are so many choices on the market, after all, and much of it depends on personal taste and the practical considerations of the family. Here’s a list of the most important furniture every living area should have.

The sofa

It’s often the centrepiece of the living area, so a lot of attention needs to be paid to the choice. It needs to be practical (easy to clean, for example), functional (comfortable for all), and it often sets the tone when it comes to the colour scheme as well.

The coffee table

It’s a place where drinks and snacks are placed, an area where you rest your feet, a storage place for photo albums, a decorative piece of furniture in front of that wonderful sofa, and so on. Ideally, it’s about the height of your knees, although you may have your own preferences. It’s crucial that it blends in with the rest of the furniture as it is actually a centrepiece in its own right as well.

The entertainment centre

This is often the focal point of the living room. Make sure that the way it looks as well as the way it operates has a positive effect on your family relations and general comfort.

The storage

Cupboards, cabinets, or shelves – although placed on or near the wall – make up a large decorative scheme. Care needs to be given to the dimensions as well as the aesthetic quality.

The rugs and carpets

The carpet or rug has an amazing power; it warms up the whole place. It softens the floor and gives the kids a place to stay when there are visitors.

Additional chairs

What about that armchair or love seat? It’s those extra touches that matter.

Don’t forget that the furniture above describes only the basic elements to consider – they need to mix and match (or perhaps contrast each other) in order to have a coherent theme come to life. If your theme is vintage or industrial, for instance, make sure to have some key vintage industrial furniture pieces spread about. Furthermore, beauty is often found in the details, so ornamental figures, paintings, pictures, and other decorative elements tend to complete the whole. And one last piece of advice: don’t forget how important lighting can be; you want to make it cosy and you want your living area (and its furniture) to shine, after all.


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