Light and southern climate took part in this love story between an old farmhouse and its owner. Keeping the spirit of the house was key at the time of the reform.


The staircase and the facade of a white immaculate contrast with the stone steps and wooden windows protected by shutters Esparto. A candle placed on each step points the way into the house. The height of the ladder was used to store wood below the fireplace.

Manta and black star, Lexington. Stool acquired in a Dutch shop. Above him, metal cup of Masol. The swing was made personally the interior.

Because of his work, the interior Ana Fernandez lacked a permanent residence. His frequent trips between Holland and Spain-that owns the study carried Barefoot Styling- spend time in both countries.

Everything changed when he discovered this farm, located in the interior of Malaga, near Villanueva del Trabuco. Ana had traveled south in search of a sunny location with good climate to establish its base of operations in Spain.

When I first saw the house surrounded by olive trees, and close to both the sea and the airport, he realized that the farm was just what I needed. From experience, I knew that transform a ruined house-the building was constructed in 1945 in a home was complicated, but Ana Fernandez implemented all its professionalism to achieve.

The main objective was light flooding every corner of the building.

For clarity, it opened a window in the living room and painted walls and ceilings in white. The floor was replaced with polished cement, updated the electrical system and windows and doors were renewed. Finally, Ana was on the decor. His idea was to cozy environments without altering the spirit rustic. The recovery of some original furniture, updated with white paint, was key to shaping your project.

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