Bright colors, bold coatings and a bedroom with glamour characterize this apartment, which has translated inside the charm of the neighborhood where it is located, in the center of Madrid.


The original design of patterned carpet in yellow, blue and red conditioned the choice of furniture. The tables nest yellow, curtains and stool-both blue-and details like the cushion or red candles, achieve a balanced environment.

Can a conditional neighborhood decorating a home? In this case, yes. This apartment is in La Latina , an area of the old town of Madrid in recent years has become a meeting place, to see and be seen, where tapas bars and terraces populated by actors and fashion lovers lively local.

The essence of the bustling life was precisely what the Studio BMK wanted to move into the floor. Colors cheerful, parts design and coatings that surprise with their originality characterize an interior with personality.

The apartment has a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. As the study team analyzed its decorative possibilities, he realized that had two valuable allies: the pair of windows from floor to ceiling to bathe the interior in natural light.

The interior of Studio BMK, Beatriz Martinez Kleiser with his partner Jorge Lozano Ferreiro, chosen for the living room furniture in bright colors such as yellow and blue Klein, under natural light, enhance and add vibrancy to the space.

In this environment also it highlights the original overlay carpets and tablecloths on the table of the dining room. It’s bold proposals, which details come together-there is trophy hunting moose shaped plywood made of red-color moving into the house joy and joviality that reigns in the streets of the neighborhood. For its part, the walls also play an essential role.

Stylish colors rest

The bedroom combines three ranges: gold, which brings glamour to the environment; black, like a touch of sophisticated elegance; and white, perfect for the previous two, which gives serenity to the space counterpoint.

In decorating each color has a different visual weight: the darkest are heavy, hence to be broad low placing in the environment, such as floors, chairs, a sideboard … In this case, being a bedroom, gray bedspread and the lamp black stood at the height of the bed.

From this level we find only light colors like gold wallpaper or curtains white canopy which, being lighter colors do not overload the space. The best example of the different visual weights have it in white foot board of the bed; its lightness is such that the charcoal quilt seems to float above it.

Painted white in the lounge area, fronts become a discreet background against which stand out the works of photographer Javier Ayuso. However, in the rest of the house facing exert a key role in the interior design: turquoise in the kitchen, in the bathroom black and gold paper in the bedroom, enriches the decor.

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