Do Solar Powered Devices Work at Night? Demystified!


Do solar powered devices work at night is a very common question with a lot of myths surrounding it. As everyone knows the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening so a lot of people believe that solar powered devices stop working at night due to it being dark and there being no sunlight for the panels to absorb. This isn’t completely true because even though the panels are not actively producing much at night appliances can still be powered in your home.

  • Your home is connected to the main utility grid often referred to as the national grid. If you think of it like a giant bank for power, you can either use power from it or deposit power into it from your solar power system.
  • Any power that you have deposited throughout the day and haven’t needed to use gets sent back to the grid.
  • Your utility company will then pay you back for any energy that you send back to them.
  • During the night time when your system is not producing enough to power your appliances, you can draw power back from the grid. It’s a process called net-metering.

I’m in a Rural Area Without a Grid to Rely on How Does That Affect Me?

If you’re not on the grid, it’s not all over for you as you can have a battery back-up. The power that is generated throughout the day is stored in the battery to be used whenever needed. This is a popular system for agriculture or anyone who chooses not to be part of the grid as they would rather store and use their own solar energy.

Grid vs. Battery

Pros of Being on The Grid: Unlimited supply of power so you can use it whenever you want as well as get paid for giving energy your panels have created back to the grid.

Cons of Being on The Grid: You have to purchase the energy back. Once it reaches the grid it is then shared by everyone so it’s no longer yours.

Pros of Having Your Own Battery: You can create and store your own energy without having to participate in the buying and selling process.
It’s very appealing to those who want to be self-sufficient and have off-grid living.
It’s a great option for anyone in a rural area or an area where there simply isn’t a reliable grid.

Cons of Having Your Own Battery: You don’t get paid any extra as you are not selling energy back to the grid.

If you find the idea of having your own solar panels appealing, it is worth speaking to a company experienced in Solar Installation. It’s always best to check out different prices and reviews across a range of companies to see who can offer you the best deal and service. For more information on one of the many solar installation companies out there and the various different solar systems available click here.

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