Energy-saving lamps: myths and realities

Energy-saving lamps myths and realities

Apart from the price, one of the main barriers to adopting them is the lack of information. Here we get you all the doubts about its use.

The reality is that the electricity prices and growing awareness about caring for the environment, energy saving lamps seem a must option. However, there are still two barriers to this type of technology to be fully accepted in every home. The first is the price, which, if you think long term, it is not. The second is the lack of a full understanding of the proposal.

About the price, it is true that a priori turn out to be more expensive products than regular bulbs (incandescent). The energy-saving lamps are 3 or 4 times more expensive, however, if you consider that have a lifespan 8 times and more besides, consume less electricity in the long term do not appear to be more expensive. Here, as elsewhere, low-power products tend to be more expensive, but the savings are amortized.

On the subject of doubts, we talk to people from Philips for us to clear the most common questions about the energy-saving lamps, use and care.

Duda: Are special lamps are needed to use low energy bulbs?

Answer: No, the offer of low current consumption is designed to enable users to migrate from traditional lamps without changing anything from home.

Question: Do I need to take some collection of home electrical system?

Answer: No need to make any changes to the electrical system. Returning to the previous question, the current lamps offer is designed to make migration as simple as possible.

Doubt: Do energy saving lamps do not illuminate well?

Answer: The reality is that it depends on the model you choose and what task we are using. There are different proposals with warmer lighting (for the living room or rooms) and other cooler (for kitchen or bathroom).

In the specific case of Philips, launched a package of energy saving lamps (combo type) where each option is intended to illuminate a particular space in the home. (Living room, bedroom, kitchen, garden), so that you achieve the desired effect and lower your electricity consumption.

Doubt: Do energy-saving lamps are ugly and way does not help the decoration?

Answer: In most cases it is true. However, as this segment grows, the supply of products as well. Currently, you can already find efficient products similar to traditional lamps (the bulbs) forms.

Doubt: Is not recommended to use in areas where constantly turn on and off (like the bathroom or kitchen)?

Answer: It is true, they are not very versatile in this regard. To light them and extinguish them constantly is substantially reduced its life. However, it considered that the energy-saving lamps, as its name implies, consume less, why not turn them off is not necessary every time you leave the room. If you are located in a kitchen, it can be left quietly lit a long period without worrying about the bill.

Beyond that it is difficult to break the routine, especially when it is already almost a century, migration to low-power options is economical but also environmentally friendly not only. The energy-saving lamps can expect to save 80% electricity compared to traditional.

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