Famous Companies Who Started Out in Garages


Many successful companies come from humble beginnings, and have had to work seriously hard to get where they are today. When a business starts out, it has no idea where it will lead. All of the companies on this list are hugely successful and influential in today’s market, but what all of the companies on this list have in common is that they all started out in a garage. Perhaps the modest garage is the best place for your new office after all…


Apple is an American multinational corporation and currently the most valuable and influential technology company in the world. Would you have guessed that it all started out in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents in 1976? Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack started out by developing personal computers, hand building 50 computers from their garage.


Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, Google started out in a garage in September 1998. Another very well-known and successful company, multinational internet company Google are the largest search engine in the world and in 2013 it was listed as the most visited website in the world. Google’s brand is well known in the media and continues to grow as it owns other popular sites such as YouTube and Blogger.


Microsoft, now the dominator of the computer market, was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen inside a garage. Their first operating system was developed in this same garage, and sold to IBM for $80,000. Microsoft now owns 90% of the personal computer market share.


Now the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon started out as an online bookstore in 1994 out of founder Jeff Bezos’ home garage. In July 1995 Jeff sold his first book and packed it inside his garage. Today, Amazon is the largest internet company and sells a wide variety of products including a range of Amazon Kindle e-readers.


In 1923, Walt Disney and his brother moved into their uncle’s house in Los Angeles and set up ‘The First Disney Studio’ in the one-car garage out back. There they started filming the Alice Comedies, which were short animated black and white cartoons. Today Disney is a multinational mass media company, and is the world’s second largest broadcasting and cable company. The garage is only 45 minutes from Disneyland Park.


Newlyweds Ruth and Elliot Handler decided to start a business out of their South Carolina garage in 1945. Originally a picture frame company, the couple began to make dollhouses and dollhouse furniture out of leftover scraps. Their first toy, a mini ukulele, was a major success after the First World War and soon their dollhouses were making more than their picture frames. The Barbie doll was introduced in 1959 and became the company’s best ever seller. Today Mattel is the highest grossing toy company in the world.


Yankee Candle was formed in a garage in 1969 when 16 year old Michael Kittredge started making candles for his parents from melted crayons. Soon neighbours started expressing interest in buying the candles and Kittredge began to mass produce. Today The Yankee Candle Company is the largest scented candle manufacturer in the US and was recently bought by The Jarden Corporation for $1.75 billion.

If you are thinking of starting a business in a new garage, using the expertise of a professional garage company can help your space become more tailored to meet your specific needs. You never know, your company could follow in the footsteps of these industry giants.

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