Guide to buying appliances

Guide to buying appliances

Taking advantage of the exchange listings of the Government plan, we bring you a few tips for you to choose the right product.

The President presented a plan to buy appliances and products of the “white line” at a discount, which in some cases reaches 50%. As reported, the plan envisages a reduction of the price in four burners cookers, water heaters, water heaters and washing machines.

Within the plan submitted by the Government installing products purchased under this exchange it is also funded. Thus, the installation of equipment would be about $ 170 and $ 70 uninstall, to facilitate accession to the plan.

If you are planning on joining this proposal or simply want to renew the appliances in your home, here we give you some suggestions for you to take note:

The biggest difference between washing machines is their way of loading: front -aptos to place under mesada- or higher. The important thing is to include cycles for delicate and have the option of “half load” (helps save energy and cleaning products).

In terms of capacity, it is estimated between 5 and 6kg for a standard 4 and 4.5kg for couples or family or single person. The outer enamel should have corrosion protection.

The wash-dryer have a shorter lifespan, your engine is more required. So not to overuse drying or put heavy loads.

The most common kitchens (and entering the government plan) have four burners. The most practical ovens are those that come with internal timer and light. The independent allow embed them on the wall at the waist, and save efforts.

The stoves can run on electricity or gas. The ideal is to always have a gas stove in case there are problems with electricity. The most common are stainless steel or enamel.

An excellent option is to incorporate a tempered glass lid. It is very easy to clean and provides extra support surface when closed.

The appliance should be preferably small, practical you cleaning should be simple. Otherwise, they are likely to be saved and used only occasionally. Carefully read the manual and follow the instructions to ensure a longer life.

A refrigerator for a family of four must have a capacity of 350 liters. They must have adjustable shelves and drawers for vegetables with humidity close. (The most modern) no-frost freezers not generate frost and freeze faster. An important detail to consider is whether we need the door open to the left or right to avoid hindering traffic in the kitchen.

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