Homeowner’s guide to repairing kitchen appliances

When it all goes wrong: The world of appliance repair!

Washing machines, cookers, hobs, extractor fans, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and dryers. When they work, we pay them little attention. But when they break down, it can be a nightmare, leaving us in need of a quick repair.

For a start, you need to understand what’s gone wrong. For most kitchen appliances, this could be a timer, heater, pump, motor or internal thermostat that’s given up.

Can you fix it yourself?

This largely depends on your level of confidence, experience and any practical skills you already have. Before you do anything, turn off the mains supply to the appliance: your safety is essential. All components should be accessible without requiring power. Some common household repairs – such as cleaning your boiler – can be done if you have some basic skills and safety guidance. What’s more, the internet offers a wealth of knowledge on specific error codes, diagnosing issues safely and known fixes for common problems with individual makes and models – try a forum.

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Washing machines and dryers

Some common problems with washing machines may be easy to fix. For example, if it has stopped spinning, check the load. Smaller loads or single item washes can sometimes trigger out of balance sensors on the drum which are there to stop excess vibration putting stress on the drum. If your machine is displaying a fault code, check that you have a good water supply and the filter is clear before calling an engineer.

Cookers, ovens and hobs

Common issues here tend to centre around failing elements or tripping electrical supply. These are somewhat tricky to investigate – consider calling someone in. Even more so for anything involving gas.

Fridges and freezers

Depending on the specific type of fridge or freezer, a failed thermostat or compressor can be complicated as many modern appliances use compressed gas. Unfortunately, a common issue seen in the industry is when homeowners use sharp implements when defrosting their appliance. Any punctures to pipes in the fridge or freezer can effectively kill the appliance! Again, if you’re in doubt, call an engineer.

Finding the right appliance repair

Simply knowing where to turn when the worst happens is hard enough. Do you go to someone local, someone who has good reviews online, or a brand name you’ve heard of? With over 60 local service centres nationwide, and appointed by some of the industry’s biggest brands, Service Force repair service is there to help.

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