It’s rare these days that a garage is actually used for its original purpose of basic storage. Instead, more homeowners are looking to maximise the full potential of their concrete garage and convert it. Concrete garages, especially ones manufactured by Dencroft Garages are so versatile that they can be converted into pretty much anything you can put your mind to.  With current house prices being so high, any extra square foot you have on your property is far too valuable to be used simply as storage or sheltering a vehicle.

One of the most valuable conversions of a garage that has the most lucrative return on investment is a guest room. The difference an extra bedroom adds on to the value of your property is often much more than the cost of the initial investment and conversion. Here are some tips and advice on how to transform your concrete garage into an extra bedroom.

Work with the size
The first thing you need to consider is the amount of space you have available. If you are looking to buy a new and bespoke garage, then you can entirely choose and customise the dimensions of your concrete garage. You may already have a built garage and you are looking to simply convert it, whereby you only have a limited space to work with. But ultimately, the bigger the garage the more room you have to utilise and the more valuable it will be.

Furniture Space
The bed is the most important feature of any bedroom and therefore the central point, you should want the bed to be as big as the space can allow without compromising room for other things. The second most important aspect of a bedroom is the storage for clothes, you can keep this simple with just a chest of drawers. If you are creative, this can also double up as a desk or tv stand in the favour of space.


It is crucial that you set up electricity in the garage as the modern bedroomneeds electrical outlets and plug sockets. Whether it is for a bedside lamp or charger for mobile phones, if you want to truly convert the garage into a bedroom, electricity is essential. Whilst the need for electricity will be minimal, it is, however, essential for things like a main light source and place for computers or tablets. Having a power supply will be the key addition that truly converts our pace from a garage to a livable bedroom.

Install insulation

One of the most important aspects of your concrete garage, if it is to be properly used as a living space, is that it is well insulated. Without proper insulation, the temperature inside the room could drop to dangerous levels as heat may be lost to the outside, especially at night. You can combat this by either specifying your insulation needs to the manufacturer beforehand, or take measures into your own hands with things like draught excluders or electric heaters.

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