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If you dream of owning, or wish to sell, a gorgeous luxury home, LuxMark can assist in your endeavor. LuxMark is famed for marketing high end homes. They use a novel approach to finding or selling unique upper-class homes with luxurious accents. LuxMark combines cutting edge video technology with art, experience and expertise to market their classy homes to the intended target audience. Mark Muller founded this prestigious real estate company that caters to an elite crowd. Muller believes that for those wealthy clients needing to sell or buy a home, the marketing approach needs to be much different than the approach for the ordinary client.

Mark Muller grew up rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. His family has a long legacy in business and real estate. Muller has traveled extensively to many foreign countries. He and his wife enjoy collecting fine art pieces which are on display in their beautiful home. Originally, Mark ran from his family’s traditional luxury real estate business. He started his career as a lawyer. It wasn’t long before Mark heeded those deeply ingrained passions for assisting luxury homeowners. He started his realty endeavor and the rest is history.

Instead of the usual realty marketing strategies, LuxMark stands apart due to their artistic sales approach. LuxMark features their new and spectacular available homes with vivid photographs and videos of the home, property and surrounding attractions. This visual appeal is delighting his clients. Now, they can sit at home and watch the stunning views being displayed for them. They are able to take a virtual reality tour of the property and through every room of the available, high-end, houses for sale. This tactic is proving to be quite successful, and LuxMark is a leader in luxurious home sales today.

Prospective clients can log onto the innovative LuxMark website to browse the phenomenal homes on the market. This site allows clients to watch HD video, HD photography and even a 3D home tour. These technological aids, enables viewers to feel in the moment. This is the next best thing to actually walking through a home physically. This technique for advertising opulent homes is making LuxMark profitable, and the clients are overwhelmingly moved by what they see. This, now famed, company is dedicated to helping affluent clients find their new dream castle, and also assisting these VIP’s sell their plush homes when they need to.

LuxMark uses their patented 3L’s when looking for that ideal prospective homeowner. These three key points are lifestyle, location and leisure. LuxMark knows how wealthier individuals like to be treated. These people are not easily swung by regular advertising. With LuxMark, individuals trying to sell their affluent home will get outstanding customer service. Their home will be advertised to the specific prospective buyers that will most likely buy their home. If a home boasts a fabulous tennis court, LuxMark will attempt to find tennis lovers. If another home has a sensational music room, then music lovers will be the target in advertising campaigns.

LexMark is the expert on luxurious home sales. They engineer customized advertising and marketing plans. This company will take advantage of social media and the Internet to promote the home sale. Let LuxMark tell your lovely home’s beautiful story soon.

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