Top Reasons Why Heating Controls Should Be Installed

Heating devices at home might be largely ignored because you think that they are designed to last for a long time. Once they are installed, you just keep using them. Before you know it, the device has already been overused and broken.

It is a good thing if you also invest in Wifi heating control. There are several benefits that you will get once the system is in place.

Early signs of problems are detected

The problem with heating devices is that you never know what problems are already shaping up. You only realise that something is wrong when it is already too late. The good thing when you have heating controls is that they can easily detect signs of problems like strange noises. The noise is caused by the build-up of limescale. This makes it even more difficult for your heating device to function well. If the noise is detected early on and you do the necessary changes, it will be more beneficial.

Efficiency is ensured

Once the heating device experiences problems, you will be notified with the help of the controls. As a result, you will take action and seek help from people who can fix the problem. This is a good thing since the efficiency of the device will be restored. When the heating device is not functioning at its most efficient capacity, it will cost you more money. It will work harder just to provide the same heat. This should be fixed as soon as possible.

Easily adjust the thermostat

With the controls in your hand, you can easily adjust the temperature in the room. This prevents overheating from happening. You will have the right temperature which is just comfortable for you. This will also help keep the home cosy without necessarily increasing your energy bills.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is prevented

You might not take it seriously, but carbon monoxide poisoning is actually a silent killer. It has caused thousands of deaths over the years. Poor maintenance of boilers and other heating devices paves the way for leaks to take place. The reason why this gas is considered a silent killer is that you won’t have any idea that problems are already shaping up. Before you know it, someone will have become a victim. When you have the controls, you will be notified once the problem starts to exist. You will then take action at the earliest possible time.

In the end, you will benefit from installing these controls. You might have to spend more money for the system to be in place, but it will be worth it. This is a modern idea that can save time, money and most importantly, lives.

Home Owners Guide


Hydronics simply means the use of fluid to transfer heat. The fluid usually used now is food-safe glycol. A boiler is used to heat it, then pumps and valves control, moderate, and move the hot/warm fluid to where it is needed; then the cooled fluid is circulated back for re-heating.

The big benefits to hydronics are: the simplicity and efficiency of one central heat source, the comfort and flexibility this type of system gives you, and its quiet, unobtrusive operation. It is very easy to move heat precisely where you want it and to “zone” areas separately for different uses or comfort levels. Hydronics operates very quietly: unlike conventional furnaces which may hum and vibrate, you will rarely even know a quality hydronic heating is running (except by how cozy you feel!).

For room heating, the fluid is pumped through pipes in the floors at a moderate temperature; large areas at warm temperatures make this type of heating incredibly stable and comfortable, without any cold-spots.  If supplemental heat is needed, a “fan coil” replaces the conventional furnace. Instead of burners, a fan coil uses a radiator to heat the air. A fan coil will last almost indefinitely and is 100% efficient. Baseboard heaters and/or radiators using the hot fluid may also supplement this arrangement. Everything is tied into the one boiler, no electric baseboards or other secondary heat sources are needed.

For domestic hot water (DWH), the conventional hot water tank is replaced by one without a burner; instead a heating coil inside the tank transfers boiler heat to the domestic water. These tanks have fast recovery times, and they keep their efficiency much longer because minerals do not burn onto the heat exchanger, outliving regular burner tanks by up to 4 times.

Other options for hydronic type heating include:

Heating separate buildings from a single source via underground lines.

Thaw lines along sewers and water pipes.

Hot tubs (take hundreds of dollars off your yearly electric bill).

Snow and ice melting for safety on important or problematic walkways and drives.

Simple integration of Solar or Geothermal collection when using Boyd Hydronics Systems.


If you are thinking about hydronics, weigh out the following and consider what is most important to you.

The most comfortable heatingThe quietestMost efficientMost design flexibilityLowest long-term operating costLongest-lived heating system Higher initial installed price

It is true that hydronics is the best type of heating system, but it is more involved to install and requires more materials, so it costs more up front than other systems. However, its long-term value and comfort are unparalleled.

If your comfort is important to you and you have not experienced hydronic heating we recommend visiting a home or office that is heated hydronically, preferably in the most miserable weather possible. It is remarkable how different it is.

The simplest and best advice we can give you is: do not cheap out on a hydronic system! Time and time again we see many problems with cheap setups. Unfortunately the money saved initially gets spent soon enough on increased repairs and maintenance. You will likely have to replace an economy boiler in less than 5 years, and at that point you have just paid as much as for the best (problem is you still don’t have the best). Spending twice as much on a reliable boiler that lasts 6 times longer is much wiser use of money, as well as peace of mind. (Heating systems don’t fail in good weather!)

Budget systems will require service calls more often because of reliability issues and shorter component life, and they are often “quirky” and don’t always perform well.

Please do not consider any hydronic system that uses a hot water tank as a heat source. Hot water tanks are designed to make hot water which is 10 to 20% of a home’s heat load, they are not designed for the long duty cycles of home heating, nor are they capable of the heat recovery required. We have seen them work in a garage or shed where heating loads are small enough, but that is where they should stay.

We all have budgets while building and that is OK; no matter what that budget is, spend it wisely. If you have a budget that allows for a good hydronicsystem, hydronics is the best choice; it will be money well spent and enjoyed for decades to come. We see how pleased people are with them. However, if your budget is such that you need to economize, it is better to install high efficiency forced air, which will be more reliable and easier to own than a budget hydronic system.

Price a quality hydronic system and the alternatives and see what is right for you.


We approached the way we build our systems from the customer’s point of view. We took a serious look at the products out there and saw that though they were wonderfully engineered, the customers and installers were only getting good results out of them when they put in a large amount of additional time and learning. We took a hard look at the way technology was being used and said, “Whatever we do, technology and engineering must be the means to make a good product, not an end in themselves.”

Through consultation with many people who live with hydronic heating and the people that install these systems, we have developed these core values and priorities which build into our systems and controls:

1)   User friendly

2)   Easy to install

3)   Superior performance without any user training or programming

4)   High quality with long life and better value for the customer

5)   Use considerably less electricity than other systems

6)   Attractive (as it is possible to make a heating system!)

Both in our controls and our Plug and Play systems, we make technology work for you; you don’t need  to learn how to “dial in” your heating system.  We pre-program our controls, so you have no frustration, no figuring things out, no wading through 85-page manuals. We have addressed the problems in communication between trades and simplified the installation, thereby cutting many hours of wasted time out of the final bill, and removing many of the mistakes that happen when there is misunderstanding. We also give you a higher quality product at a lower installed cost than can be achieved by building the system on site.


Boyd Hydronics A clean professional installation

This concept of Plug and Play is new to hydronics, and in fact some plumbers resist it at first. The principle is easy enough: we assemble the whole unit in a clean place with all parts at hand using a proven design and all the right skilled trades repeating their jobs over and over with high efficiency.

Rough-in the building to match the system, and it plugs right into the building. Using the same rough-in every time makes it easy for builders and installers.

We build a quality product, designed from the ground up, utilizing the best components for the price from many big name manufacturers like Caleffi, Grundfoss, Taco, Watts, Webstone and others. We do this because no one brand does everything the best; we choose the best from each.



You may be reluctant too if you may get this

Traditionally your general contractor will sub out your heating system. Most builders don’t know about Boyd’s Plug & Play hydronics yet but really appreciate finding out, as it benefits them too, so feel free to tell them about us and direct them to this site for more information.

Some builders have had bad experiences with hydronics so we address those issues on the “Builders and Plumbers” page in the Members’ section. We make it easier to install better hydronics.

Remember, it is your house and you have the final say about what goes in it.

It is important: to note that  if your plumber tells you he can build a system cheaper,  yes he can, just look at the picture above. It will not contain the same quality of components, and likely not run well. The fact is, a plumber is not able to build a comparable quality product on site without sacrificing his profits, no more than a mechanic can build a car economically.

Buying through us

We are a complete service company, from planning stamped drawings, manuals, and installation. plus you are buying factory direct which saves time money and the middleman that is clueless when you ask a question.

Presently full systems are sold only to qualified trades for proper installation.

Enjoy our site and the comfort of hydronic heating.

Incredible Ideas For Classic And Contemporary Home Furniture And Decor

When it comes to upholding traditional elegance in home furniture and decor, most people would want to look up to their family heirlooms. However, now you have access to all such wonderful and intricate furniture classics easily available at the furniture market.

On the other hand, contemporary furniture pieces never cease to amaze buyers with astounding designs and awe-inspiring patterns.

All in all, whether classic or contemporary, your selections should never be boring or predictable. Remember, you will be using these furniture pieces for a long time, so it is wise to select quality furniture by spending a little more.

Here, we will discuss the two major themes used in home decoration – contemporary and classic. However, it should be noted that both themes are equally utilized in home decoration and design.

Contemporary Furniture Should Be Minimalist

Unlike classic furniture and home décor, contemporary furniture is quite minimalist in nature. Even if the rooms are too spacious, furniture and complementary items are decorated within a small space only.

Utilization of space with a few items is the modern day furniture setting norm. Keeping space in mind, you have the option to rearrange and position all furniture and other items creatively and uniquely.

Since it is all about utilizing the space in an optimum way, look out for articulate furniture pieces that are receptive to your idea of decoration. These items include wall decorations, vases, rugs, lighting, mats, mirrors, statues, and figurines. Use these items to decorate entertainment units, comfortable lounges, hallways, corridors, and areas around composite doors.

The process of designing a perfect theme for the home might be a little daunting for you initially; however, use the internet to explore ideas. The best balance and appeal can be achieved through sensible choice of furniture and a couple of fantastic ideas.

Classic Furniture Designs Should Be Timeless

When shopping for classic furniture, pick designs that are timeless, since they do not become outdated ever. In addition, classic furniture designs should always complement the overall decor theme in the room as well as coordinate with contemporary decorative items. Ensuring this will make the theme adaptive as well as offer a lot of design durability.

Other significant characteristics are the materials used. Look out for high quality wood since this is what makes a durable furniture piece. Resilient wood furniture combined with a subtle color palette used in other interiors is a magnificent way to bring in a combination of modernity with classics.

This is also a great option for homeowners who wish to refrain from bringing in vibrant, flashy wood and fabric tones.

Classic style furniture is available in traditional elegant look, classic country, and casual classic varieties, though, there are sub-varieties too. Choose according to your specific style in combination with color palette and price range.

Dark black wood is best if you want a classic contemporary look, whereas oak in light or medium would go well if you want the country look. Traditional beach cottage theme and mahogany tone are other popular furniture classics.

Whether you go for contemporary or classic furniture, a noteworthy point is that furniture does not exist in isolation in any room.

There has to be harmony between the other decor, paint colors, and overall theme used in the room.

Although, selecting outstanding furniture pieces is akin to separating wheat from shaft, the effort is totally worth the appreciation and applause you will receive for the rest of your life.

The author is an expert writer on lifestyle, furniture design and interiors. She writes for different online publications, whereas in her spare time, she likes reading books and writing short stories.

Importance Of French Style Furniture In Home Decoration

Every homeowner wants his home to be decorative. Some of them want the home to be highly decorative whilst others prefer mild decoration that appeals to a more sensible beholder. A homeowner can do either of two things. He can outsource the home decoration work to an expert or an agency. Or he can do everything by himself.

Whatever he does, there are few important things that he needs to keep in mind. It’s better to treat those as tips because by following them, he can decorate his home in the most appealing way.

Mostly, if service from a third party interior decoration agency is taken, a significantly high amount of money will have to be provided for that. That’s the reason many homeowner prefers to do everything by themselves. This could be very helpful because homeowners don’t have to pay anything for home decoration.

The only problem is that most homeowners don’t have excellent design sense and they really don’t know how to decorate their homes in the best way.

If they are running short of ideas, they can take help from the internet. There are many home decoration websites and they could offer significant help.

Decorating the window can bring a really nice feel into the house. A major portion of the wall space is consumed by the window. Homeowners can turn the window into a doorway that transmits light into the home by using sheers.

If sheers are used, the room will be illuminated as plenty of natural light will enter into the room. There are semi-transparent curtains, which can create such an effect into the room and homeowners can install such curtains. If the homeowner wants the room to be really shiny, he should make use of sheers that are made from plain cotton or silk.

Furniture are very important in improving the decor of a home. Many people prefer using furniture that are second hand. This could save their money. All the homeowner needs is quality pieces of furniture. Having such furniture at cheap rate may appear to be difficult at first.

But if the homeowner finds a shop that provides quality furniture at an affordable rate, his job would be easy then. They can do another thing, which is buying second hand furniture and then putting materials on them so that they look nice.

Second hand couches and chairs can be purchased whilst paying less amount of money and then improved to make the home more decorative.

Paint and colour are two essential things when it comes to home decoration. Painting is not very difficult and using a paint brush and a roller, anyone can opt for painting. Selection of colours is highly crucial.

Homeowners need to select the colour with caution before approaching to pain the house. They can use different types of colours to bring a contrast into the home. But before painting, they should mark off the stripes properly.

Shelves and racks increase the decor of the home. Some people like reading books. They put shelves in their houses, others just put shelves because that makes the home more decorative.

Storage and side tables also contribute to the decor of the home. So selecting those tables should be done carefully. French style furniture are also considered effective in making the home decorative.

Ways To Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter tends to be a love or hate time of year for most people. Some love trudging through the snow on a crisp morning walk, whilst others despise donning extra layers and shivering as they try to keep warm.

Regardless of which camp you sit in, you don’t want to be cold whilst you’re at home this winter, and there are a few steps you can take towards winter-proofing your home before the cold weather really starts to set in.

Holding On to the Heat

There’s no point blasting out the central heating unless your home is able to hold onto the heat. Draught excluders can really help with this problem, and they’re so inexpensive that even those on a budget will be able to winter-proof their home this way.

If your window seals are no longer effective or your home still only has single glazing, then you might want to address this problem by contacting a window specialist like Raleigh Windows Loft and cavity wall insulation is also a good way to maximise your home’s ability to hold onto the heat, so consider that too.

Get Your Boiler Checked

If your radiators are colder at the bottom than they are at the top, or your boiler starts to make unusual noises, you need to get it checked out. The last thing you want is your boiler breaking down in the winter, so make sure everything’s in working order before the cold weather sets in.

Check your windows

Many time people have old windows that let a large draft into the house. You can cover them with plastic, but that is only a temporary fix. It is a good idea before winter comes to have your old windows replaced by Madison roofing so that you don’t have to crank the heat up and have high bills because of your old windows.

Salt Bucket at the Ready

It’s a good idea to have a supply of grit at the ready in case your paths or driveway get icy over winter. This is a particularly good idea if you have small children or elderly relatives that might be more vulnerable to seriously injuring themselves should they slip and fall. If you can get hold of proper grit, then simply stocking up on cheap table salt should do the trick.

Keeping Cosy

When you’ve exhausted all other measures, simply changing duvets to a higher tog and keeping a stack of cosy blankets and throws in the airing cupboard will help to ensure that nobody in your family suffers in the cold. If you really hate being chilly, investing in an electric blanket will be the best thing you ever do, but if that’s too expensive, a few hot water bottles should do the trick when the weather gets really cold.

A Cottage Of Stone And Wood

The disconnection is guaranteed in this farmhouse, designed to enjoy leisure time in a warm and rustic, giving importance it deserves to materials from the area.


The presence of disparate materials and finishes as varied imposes the need to unify, at least, in the colors. The choice of a clear, soft tone as the base is a success that sosegara mix well and welcome touches of more vivid colors.

You can still enjoy beautiful pockets of stone houses, courtyards full of flowers and smell of fire between winding cobblestone streets; very near Sepulveda, in the National Park of Duraton River it is where we find this little town and it houses like this, as special as cozy.

A proposal that surprised since the threshold with perfect simplicity focused on extolling decorative details, memories and warm fabrics. Responsible for so carefully in the interior were Lola and Eugenia Rodriguez Mateos.

A bet immersed in one rustic renovated, it still retains the traditional flavor of natural materials as protagonists, without forgetting the accessories with color, bold prints and certain isolated pieces of retro air. A mixture which alone works great time- harmonized under the cloak of white as the predominant color.

The warm notes as necessary in combating the cold winters in the area, thanks to solid wood furniture to large carpets covering the floor, the pillows and, of course, to point blankets were achieved thick and long hair.

The restoration of the house are two very different trends; while downstairs there are almost no walls in the search for common open space, the first floor is bricked up with the aim of achieving absolute privacy resulting in large bedrooms, each with integrated bathroom. In any case the thread on both floors is a calm, bright decor and, above all, very comfortable with native materials such as spotlight.

The original sloping ceilings, hardwood and beams views, print alone an overwhelming personality to the bedrooms, which rest areas are always placed under the new roof windows, to create small private observatories in each room. Overlapping rugs and striking mix of prints and colors in textiles complete the casual air.

Emergency Supplies You Should Always Have

Did you know that a storm, a tornado, an earthquake, a massive flood or a hurricane can occur any day now at any part of the world? In only a couple of hours, due to heavy rain or plate tectonics, unimaginable things can happen and change your life forever. And just because you have not had any experiences with these catastrophes before does not mean you should not be prepared for the possibility of their occurrence. However, being prepared is not just about mental state, but there are several things you must always have in your house because these might mean a difference between life and death for you. Here are some of the items you should have in the case of an emergency.

Food and Water

Depending on the situation, you can survive about three days without water. Yes, some people have managed to go longer than that, but, instead of relying on their experiences, try to focus on your own. When it comes to food, most manage to go about two weeks without it, but, again, this is all very individual and determined by one’s physique and resilience.

Due to this, food and water should be high on your list of priorities, but you cannot prepare just any food and expect it to last a week or two. So, canned, dried and non-perishable food is the way to go – ready-to-eat meat, nuts, cereal, crackers and those sorts of items. Also, prepare as many gallons of water as you can – the more the better – but do not forget canned juices and pasteurized milk, too. Only with proper food and water will you be able to survive a catastrophe.

Radios and Batteries

When struck by a storm, most people find shelter in their own homes, in basements that are quickly converted into impromptu storm cellars. On the other hand, some build a storm shelter on their own and make sure that they have a safe place to hide their families in case of an emergency. But, regardless of where you hide, you must keep communication with the outside world, follow the news and stay updated with the situation.

This is why hand crank radios are so useful, but even the models that are battery-operated can do the trick. The point is to keep it working for as long as possible, so batteries are a valuable necessity during a crisis. Make sure you keep enough extra batteries in your emergency kit that will last for days and, should the need arise, weeks.

Power Generator and Fuel

Besides battery-operated radios and flashlights, not that many household products can be operated that way. That is the reason you need to think about how to run your fridge, freezer or lights in your house if an emergency situation cuts the distribution of electricity to your home.

A power generator is not something many people own – not because they cannot afford it or do not trust it, but it is just that they do not pay attention to it until they realize how badly it is needed. And once that happens, it is often too late. So, be sure to have a power generator at your home and find an emergency diesel fuel tank for sale in order to store enough fuel to last you until it is safe to leave your shelter.

Other Items

Of course, these are not the only things you will definitely need during a storm or some other catastrophe. You will also need a first aid kit, enough prescription medications, a fire extinguisher, baby food, pet supplies and, finally, something to pass the time – board games and books.

Before And After: An Apartment Well Spent

60 m², one floor, two bedrooms, a Space efficient distribution and perfect use of natural light, functional London guide this project very basic.


The architecture studio Architecture Goldreich Amos was commissioned to transform a flat in London atiguo this gem, full of light. In the project, the living room shared space. The dining room is located in front of the window as a lookout.

Amos Goldreich Architecture signing the draft refomra this apartment of 60 sqm, located in London, which reorganized its distribution espaco and take advantage of the amount of natural light it receives.

The kitchen is now integrated into the living room and has a horizontal glass window that connects the environment with a passageway.

One room, the smallest, has won some meters and natural light. It has also been credo fourth new bathroom. Solutions as carpentry have helped achieve the final effect and gain warehouse space with a dressing room in the master bedroom dresser or being flown in.

What it was a wall cabinet before the reform is now a guest toilet. So original!

As for the colors they have been chosen in order to smooth the light multiply and expand the space visually. Introduce color furniture, like accessories that add volume to the spaces and focus attention on decoration.

Goldreich Amos, director of the architectural firm, has not hesitated to describe the reform “spectacular” as “reconfigured the design to allow a sense of continuous movement through the different spaces.”

An Apartment Decorated In Bright, Bold Colors

Bright colors, bold coatings and a bedroom with glamour characterize this apartment, which has translated inside the charm of the neighborhood where it is located, in the center of Madrid.


The original design of patterned carpet in yellow, blue and red conditioned the choice of furniture. The tables nest yellow, curtains and stool-both blue-and details like the cushion or red candles, achieve a balanced environment.

Can a conditional neighborhood decorating a home? In this case, yes. This apartment is in La Latina , an area of the old town of Madrid in recent years has become a meeting place, to see and be seen, where tapas bars and terraces populated by actors and fashion lovers lively local.

The essence of the bustling life was precisely what the Studio BMK wanted to move into the floor. Colors cheerful, parts design and coatings that surprise with their originality characterize an interior with personality.

The apartment has a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. As the study team analyzed its decorative possibilities, he realized that had two valuable allies: the pair of windows from floor to ceiling to bathe the interior in natural light.

The interior of Studio BMK, Beatriz Martinez Kleiser with his partner Jorge Lozano Ferreiro, chosen for the living room furniture in bright colors such as yellow and blue Klein, under natural light, enhance and add vibrancy to the space.

In this environment also it highlights the original overlay carpets and tablecloths on the table of the dining room. It’s bold proposals, which details come together-there is trophy hunting moose shaped plywood made of red-color moving into the house joy and joviality that reigns in the streets of the neighborhood. For its part, the walls also play an essential role.

Stylish colors rest

The bedroom combines three ranges: gold, which brings glamour to the environment; black, like a touch of sophisticated elegance; and white, perfect for the previous two, which gives serenity to the space counterpoint.

In decorating each color has a different visual weight: the darkest are heavy, hence to be broad low placing in the environment, such as floors, chairs, a sideboard … In this case, being a bedroom, gray bedspread and the lamp black stood at the height of the bed.

From this level we find only light colors like gold wallpaper or curtains white canopy which, being lighter colors do not overload the space. The best example of the different visual weights have it in white foot board of the bed; its lightness is such that the charcoal quilt seems to float above it.

Painted white in the lounge area, fronts become a discreet background against which stand out the works of photographer Javier Ayuso. However, in the rest of the house facing exert a key role in the interior design: turquoise in the kitchen, in the bathroom black and gold paper in the bedroom, enriches the decor.


Light and southern climate took part in this love story between an old farmhouse and its owner. Keeping the spirit of the house was key at the time of the reform.


The staircase and the facade of a white immaculate contrast with the stone steps and wooden windows protected by shutters Esparto. A candle placed on each step points the way into the house. The height of the ladder was used to store wood below the fireplace.

Manta and black star, Lexington. Stool acquired in a Dutch shop. Above him, metal cup of Masol. The swing was made personally the interior.

Because of his work, the interior Ana Fernandez lacked a permanent residence. His frequent trips between Holland and Spain-that owns the study carried Barefoot Styling- spend time in both countries.

Everything changed when he discovered this farm, located in the interior of Malaga, near Villanueva del Trabuco. Ana had traveled south in search of a sunny location with good climate to establish its base of operations in Spain.

When I first saw the house surrounded by olive trees, and close to both the sea and the airport, he realized that the farm was just what I needed. From experience, I knew that transform a ruined house-the building was constructed in 1945 in a home was complicated, but Ana Fernandez implemented all its professionalism to achieve.

The main objective was light flooding every corner of the building.

For clarity, it opened a window in the living room and painted walls and ceilings in white. The floor was replaced with polished cement, updated the electrical system and windows and doors were renewed. Finally, Ana was on the decor. His idea was to cozy environments without altering the spirit rustic. The recovery of some original furniture, updated with white paint, was key to shaping your project.