Tips for choosing the right heating system

Tips for choosing the right heating system

When designing and building our house, the most commonly used options are the slab or under floor heating, radiators or central heating systems by injecting air. If it is a house, beyond the chosen system usually also be a home or outdoor location modern heating with wood with prefabricated pipe to the outside.

The radiant floors give us that nice feeling to walk barefoot on a warm and pleasant surface. We have the classic serpentine water installation and there are some thin filaments electrical panels can be easily installed below the floor covering.

As for the radiators are a good choice because its way of transmitting heat, makes the atmosphere very pleasant. It is recommended to place them near windows or below them. According to the available space and the resulting heat balance of each environment, we determine the number of elements of each radiator and height.

These two variables (height and number of items) will conform to the same location. Modern, they are aluminum and water supply. The ancients were casting and steam. While the tendency is to leave them in sight, we can also put in a niche, like the old, after taking in the heat balance.

As for air heating systems, unlike the above, they are low thermal inertia, only retain heat shortly after disconnecting. They have the advantage that when you turn heats quickly, but just off the room cools quickly. It is ideal for places that are not permanently inhabited, as hotel rooms, offices or temporary homes.

Almost always they seem to be a complement to the installation of cold, since the incidence of the heater in the cost of central refrigeration equipment, It is minimal in the total value of the equipment. We recommend installing heat and cold equipment, even though we have other main heating system, as it will support any eventuality and isolated be ideal for cold days. The same is suggested to buy equipment Split.

Some systems such as under floor heating and air too dry environment, so that we can counter this effect by placing a bowl of water.

There are also infrared low-power electrical panels. They are screwed to the wall and emit heat by heating a metal plate and not burn to the touch. Its appearance blends with the color of the wall and is thin. They should be placed below the windows to prevent heat loss.

As for the stoves, we have gas and electric. The Gas Natural Draft, there are some buildings and for security reasons can only be installed in ventilated places, and NOT be placed in the bedroom by the risk of fumes carbon monoxide.

The balanced draft are a safer option as they have access to the outside and the combustion process is not performed within the housing. The portable electric heaters, oil are practical to carry different environments and provide uniform heat. The inventors calo have the same characteristics that the air heating systems.

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