Tips for saving electricity at home

Tips for saving electricity at home

Whether by an environmentalist spirit or simply to not eat us increases your pocket, here we bring you some practical suggestions to save energy.

Every day there are more reasons why a rational use is imposed and aware of the power. It’s because the ballot electricity is growing faster than expected, or because we are aware of the Environmental Impact, energy saving is a practice that will have to incorporate into our daily lives.

Here we give some basic and simple tips to help you save energy in your home:

Appliances: While each day with new equipment energy efficiency are presented, traditional councils are never over.

Check that the refrigerator is always well closed and the seal is in good condition. Also seek to open only when necessary (not go snooping around when we’re bored).

Avoid burning audio equipment, TV or computer. It’s a small defect that we repeat, but when we are not using electrical equipment, it should turn off. Beyond saving energy they consume, these teams tend to emit heat, which also save on cooling.

If you buy a new appliance, it is advisable to inform yourself of what those with efficient energy consumption (today there are many days in a variety of prices) and which generate less harm to the environment.

Lighting: is not one of the factors that consumes electricity in the home, however, it is one of the variants is more developed in the efficient use of energy. Here are some tips to improve fuel economy of light.

The simplest step you can do is turn off the lights do not use.

Beyond that, you can use a light more rational: use lighting directed for various tasks like cooking or reading, for example.

Another action we can take is to change the light bulbs for energy-saving lamps. While they are more expensive in many much more expensive than regular cases, take into account that in the long run is more economical to use: generate less heat, last longer and provide a clearer light.

Home Temperature: In summer, the heat is unbearable in the city, but do not be careless. The air conditioning is one of the largest consumer appliances during this time of year, so it is best to be cautious and controlled.

Today already marketed low energy equipment and “sustainable” technologies, so you’re thinking about buying an air, learn about what suits you. In case you already have, you should keep closed the doors and windows of the room you want to cool.

On the other hand, before embarking on the vortex of cold, it is advisable to establish a reasonable temperature inside the room. Since we recommended Sebastian Leibovich, Product and Marketing Manager of Carrier Argentina, not put below 21°.

Other Recommendations: here we give you some tips that are often given to reduce consumption with little habits:

  • Use the plate as possible. When ironing, accumulate as much clothing as possible and regulate the temperature according to the garment being ironed.
  • Set the thermostat water heater to no higher than 45 ° or 50 °.
  • As with the iron, use the washing machine just enough. Seek to gather as many clothes as possible before starting a wash (so not only electricity but also saves water).
  • The most energy-intensive appliances (broadly) are: air conditioning, the dryer, the dishwasher and microwave. A good way to save electricity is to look for alternative way to use these products to consume less.

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