Top Tips for a Successful Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Moving the entire contents of an office can be a stressful and time-consuming affair. However, by knowing what to expect during your big move and by following the tips outlined in this article, stress can be kept to a minimum and common pitfalls can be avoided.

Give Plenty of Notice

Generally speaking, when an office decides to relocate, they won’t be able to do it for a number of months. Regardless of this, giving office removalists, staff, customers and all other relevant parties plenty of notice is important. Quite often, office removalists will require a decent amount of notice to be able to take on your job due to having prior bookings and needing ample time to plan all the associated logistics. It’s also important to give staff plenty of notice, as this will help them to mentally prepare as well as give them plenty of time to pack up and remove personal items from their desks. Finally, letting all your customers and any contractors who visit your premises know that you’re planning to move will help them make arrangements on their end.

Use Professional Office Removalists

Using professional office removalists can save you a lot of time and hassle. Another good reason for using them is that it may not be physically possible for you and your staff to make the move without professional help. Office removalists know exactly what they’re doing, have the equipment and personnel to get the job done, and can make the entire process of moving much faster and easier. When selecting office removalists, it’s important to remember that reputation is everything. Selecting a company that has a proven track record of doing a great job is the best thing you can do for peace of mind.

Prepare for the Move

While employing office removalists to do all the heavy lifting and transporting of your office furniture is going to save you time, getting staff to pitch in and help fill and label packing boxes can also help. Having boxes packed and labelled before the office removalists arrive will mean they can simply turn up, pick up your boxes and furniture, and deliver them to the appropriate room at your new office building. This task will be made even easier by ensuring all boxes have clear and easy-to-read labels.

Get Quotes

It’s a good idea to obtain quotes from a number of different office removalists so you can be sure that you aren’t over paying for the service. Just make sure that all the quotes you get come from companies that can be trusted, as there is no sense using a company that is cheap but can’t be trusted.

In Conclusion

Taking the stress out of moving doesn’t have to be difficult. By employing the services of reputable office removalists that charge reasonable rates and by making sure that your staff and customers are well prepared for your move, you can be confident that your office move will be a success.

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